The knight remains here… Their history on the Island of Rhodes!

The knight remains here … Their history on the Island!

A majestic medieval weekend lived visitors found the castle Kritinia last weekend. Many people from all parts of Rhodes and several tourists were transferred within a few hours in the beautiful medieval neighborhood, enjoyed medieval

show with jugglers, tightrope walkers and fire tested medieval dishes, excited by small children who danced medieval dances and impressed the King and Queen of the Castle accompanied by courtiers anointed the new knight.

The Cultural Association Kritinia thanks the dozens of fanatical volunteers who helped everyone from his position on the great success of the celebration. Also all the sponsors who support each time any way asked all the events of the Cultural and media sponsors.

The South Aegean Region, Department of Tourism and Culture and the Municipality of Rhodes-DOPAR-and the local community Kritinia supported materials and cost the medieval festival Kritinia recognizing the importance of both for our country and for the tourist promotion of our island scene historical content that highlight the medieval history of Rhodes.

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